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With the latest recycling technologies and global deployment
We will promote the reuse of resources.

Nagasawa Metal protects natural resources, promotes their reuse, and contributes to people, society, and the earth with the aim of building a recycling-oriented social system.
Our company consistently separates and processes resources in all aspects of recycling and exports them appropriately and promptly.
In addition, we properly dispose of waste products containing customer information after collection so that they can be safely recycled.


From a global perspective,
We are working to prevent global warming.

Environmental pollution and global warming are common problems for people all over the world.
Nagasawa Metal works together with its partners in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries around the world to reduce global environmental pollution and prevent global warming.



Nagasawa Metal cooperates with partner companies in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries to recycle resources through consistent sorting and processing.



Nagasawa Metal has been involved in the recycling business for many years. Currently, we partner with overseas companies such as China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam to provide services that respond to internationalization.
Through the efforts of all our company employees, we will incorporate advanced technologies and management systems into this traditional industry to create lasting corporate value.



We accept it by email or phone. Please feel free to contact us.

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